Meeting Planning & Management...

"Who had a great time at this year's Conference?"

Now that's the response you're lookin' for.

A zillion details go into creating a successful meeting or event. And when the dust settles, you want all those hands in the air. The Donica Group will help you make it all happen.

From small-scale meetings to national conferences, we'll turn your ideas and goals into a well-executed event.

And the best part for you?
Freedom from all that stress during the months and weeks leading up to your meeting or conference. Plus, you get the satisfaction of a job well done.

In short, the best part for your is your peace of mind. With The Donica Group helping you, you'll be able to do all the other things that are already on your plate.

How do we do all that? That's where our comprehensive services come in. Take a look at the box at right.

First, we listen to you . . .
All meetings, all conferences start with an idea that centers on several questions like these: "What do we want to accomplish with this meeting?" "What do we want the attendees to take away from our Conference?" "How much money do we want to invest in the event?"

We can't do a good job for you if we don't first listen to your thoughts and ideas on these questions. Only then can we create the meeting you want.

Flexibility is the Key
Probably the biggest benefit of working with The Donica Group is the flexibility you have. What parts of the process do you want support for? How much help do you need?

We'll work closely with you and provide either full planning and management of your meeting, or you can select just the services you need.

Would you like a little more info for your planning committee?
We've created several quick-read promotional pieces (in PDF format) that you can download and share (printed or digital) with your Board, your boss, or your colleagues. CLICK HERE to select any or all the versions that best fit your needs.

Let's talk (it's cheap) . . .
Send us an e-mail or call us —(812) 323-1727 — with your beginning thoughts and questions. We don't need a lot of specifics to begin exploring what you want to accomplish.
Our Services . . .
  • The early planning stuff: Goals and objectives of the meeting, the all-important Planning Timeline, the budget, etc.
  • Venue research, evaluation, and reporting to you and your planning team.
  • Contract negotiation that's in YOUR best interest.
  • Financial matters: Tracking and oversight of the meeting’s income (registration fees, sponsorships, advertising, exhibit sales), as well as expenses
  • Presenter management: Call for Presentations, liaison with the speaker selection committee, speaker logistics, etc.
  • Promotion: Creation and distribution of all promotional and registration materials aimed at all target audiences — attendees, exhibitors, sponsors, and advertisers.
  • Sales and management of trade show exhibit space, sponsorships, and advertising.
  • Liaison with VIPs and volunteers.
  • Customized attendee registration — online and on paper.
  • Sleeping-room-block management.
  • All needed printed materials: Name badges and lanyards, rosters, on-site program booklets, signage, presenter handouts, gifts, favors, etc.
  • Menu planning, theme development, decor, audio-visual management, and entertainment.
  • All transportation arrangements.
  • Full on-site management during the meeting, including directing the meeting staff, venue personnel, etc.
  • Extra-curricular tours and other FUN events.
  • After-the-meeting stuff: Analysis and reconciliation of all final invoices and master billings to make sure they are 100% accurate, plus compilation of evaluations from everyone involved — attendees, exhibitors, presenters, sponsors, etc.
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