Group Travel & Tours...

"Our organization would like to offer a fun, and even educational, event for our people, but I don't know where to start."

Here's the good news: Whether you want to create an Association fund-raising trip, or an employee/customer "Thank You" event, or a trip with friends and family, The Donica Group will make it happen.

No pre-planned packages that we "fit you into." This is about your trip. And your not-to-be-forgotten memories.

Because we negotiate travel costs for several people (your group) all at once, you'll benefit from reduced costs. Lower than you could get if you traveled on you own.

From the Rocky Mountains to the rocky Maine coast. From Paris to Peru. From Hawai'i to the Himalayas. Let's create a trip that people will be buzzing about for years to come.

Group travel is GREAT value...
It doesn't have to be costly. We'll create your own alternative to expensive tours. And, the best part? You'll be traveling with people you know!

The possibilities are endless...
Well, almost endless. The world is, indeed, your oyster. So to help you get started -- and to narrow the list a bit -- take a look at just some of the possibilities in the box at right.

What is group travel good for?

For Associations -- What a great way to build goodwill with your members, offer continuing education, and create a new revenue stream in the process.

But maybe the very best reason? You can use a trip such as this as an effective member recruitment tool: "Members get exclusive, reduced rates, so join today!"

For Companies -- What a wonderful way to let your employees know that you appreciate their hard work. Or to say "Thank You" to your special customers for their business. It might be a weekend event close by, or something more elaborate. We'll put together your event or trip exactly the way you want it and within your budget.

For Families -- How about a reunion that everyone will be talking about for years. Not that same ol' picnic. Take your reunion in a whole new direction. Build in new activities and great food. Visit a festival. In short, WOW them!

For Friends -- Get a bunch a girlfriends together for a fun "getaway." Get a bunch of buddies together for a "Gents Only" trip. Maybe several of your friends all want to learn (or improve on) a hobby. Painting? Kayaking? Gourmet cooking? Fly fishing? Art history? You name it, we'll make it happen.

For Clubs & Churches -- Group travel is a great way for your members to share a fascinating destination, while getting to make new friends with a common interest -- all while having fun!

For High School & College Faculty -- We all know the benefits of travel. "...opens your mind." "...expands your horizons." "...provides an opportunity that is available nowhere else to see things from new perspectives." Get your students out of those four walls, and into a world where they can see the subject up close and personal. They'll never be the same. Nor will you.

Some ideas to get you to thinking...
Here are just some possibilities for group travel and tours:

Fall Foliage - the Appalachian Mountains, New England, Rocky Mountains, Eastern Canada and the Maritimes

The Beach - Florida, Texas Gulf Coast, California, Mexico, the Caribbean

The Desert - the American Southwest: Tucson, Santa Fe, Sedona, Taos, Scottsdale, Palm Springs

Mexico - the possibilities are numerous, from Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Acapulco, Copper Canyon, San Miguel, Cabo San Lucas, and others.

A Cruise - Most people think immediately of the Caribbean, but there are lots of other great locations: The Great Lakes. The St. Lawrence Seaway. The Delta Queen Riverboats in the heart of the country.

Know that we will custom create the experience especially for you. Your travel can be solely a relaxing, refreshing experience, or it might be business related, or, of course, just the right mix of both. It's your call.

Let's kick around some ideas (there's no charge!)...
Send us an e-mail or call us -- (812) 323-1727. We want to create an experience that is uniquely yours.
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